Weight Loss and Basic Mathematics

The single most discussed point in younger generation is obesity. Many articles were written on the subject and health watch dogs advice on do's and don'ts. What matters, in reality, is to think seriously and act in the right direction. It is very simple to understand and adopt ways and mean to control obesity yet it takes consistency and willpower to implement right measures.

The simple and basic rule of thumb is to understand what causes obesity. The type of food triggers the weight gain and negatively affecting our system. At the outset, it is very important to understand the elementary mathematics behind our weight gain.

(1) The Income i.e. (food intake) should be less.

(2) The Expenditure i.e. (burning of calories) should be more: The net result is Negative Balance.

The following two points which are to be remembered and implemented seriously, to achieve desired result;

Hence the Golden rule of thumb:

(a) The day's intake of food should be slightly less than the body requires.

(b) Regularly exercising to burn 30% of the total calories' intake in a day.

It is to be remembered that at no point of time your intake of food in terms of calories should be more than it is required considering various factors of a balance diet.

It is also to be remembered and adhered to that you should not deprive your body of vital ingredients of intake of food. All important Organs of our body need Carbohydrates. The Muscles require proteins. The Bones require Calcium etc.

The most important of all is to develop a mindset of positive attitude. The aim in life is to learn and follow what is constructive and progressive. The determination will certainly help you to reduce obesity.Once that is achieved then keep it at that level for two years by consuming measured diet and regular exercise. The weight gain will not relapse.

Capt.Ehtesham Mirza

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