Mother and Children Relationships

It is not an only important but also very interesting word. It reflects a profound sense of belonging to every individual. The experience one gathers during the passage of time since development of "Relationship" is a story by itself. It is the passage which begins from the cradle and ends at the grave. The bone of contention is the understanding of core concept and implementation of individual responsibility towards that Relationship, both in terms of action and deeds. The sincerity in doing so is the ultimate goal we all expect, at one stage or the other. Although the meanings of "RELATIONSHIP" stretch and cover different types and forms yet I am concentrating on "Parenthood". The relation between parents and children, more specific, between Mother and Child is of paramount importance. The reason being obvious: The growing of satellite families and youngsters becoming independent of at a very young age. There are gaining financial independence and thus becoming materialistic too. The importance and respect of Mother and Child relationship which they should and must understand in order to lay a strong foundation over which humanity structure will be building. We must understand that it is the Mother, whose untiring love and affection towards children are conspicuous by her selfless desires to see her children grow and flourish. It is also known fact, whether a child is good or bad, well or ill, smart or has special needs; the love of a mother is always reflecting in every aspect of her actions. This fact children need to know. The biggest challenge a woman may ever have is the job of a mother, but along with the challenges comes the greatest rewards life can give to a woman. It is the respect, honour, forgiveness, peace and above all everlasting love which will be embedded forever in your memory. On the other hand, when children do not give due respect and turn out to be irresponsible, arrogant and unthankful than the agony and ecstasy she suffers deep within herself is extremely painful yet she swallowed these harsh and stressful moments with a smile and doesn't reveal her pain and distrust to anybody. It is these very tragic moments that we as grown up adults should and must understand and restrain our behavior and action to translate into such tragedies. On the other hand, we must teach our tiny tots the importance of parenthood and in particular the Motherhood. Understanding concept of relationship 'of Mother' and implementing these thoughts into reality in total earnestness should be the ultimate goal in life. Capt. Ehtesham Mirza

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