How Thinking Pattern Affects Life

The meaning and concept of life are interesting topics of discussion. The way we look at it, at the outset, is a point to ponder. What is being transpired and conspired, since birth to the end, is the passage, we go through in multi dimensional mode. The variance and multitude of ideas reflect an enormous amount of people's mind and their thinking pattern.

The meaning of life is a philosophical entity within the concept of existence and performance. The accountability of our existence is directly proportional to our commitments and expectation. We are required to meet commitments within the ambit of dos and don'ts. There are rules, regulations and guidelines imposed on human beings once we accept our existence and its realities. There is no room for fantasies or hypothetical deductions. On the contrary, facts and factuality are the life pattern. The life span is moving in a fashion as designed by us.

The creational reality comprehensively balances between cause and effect. An individual takes its lead from wisdom and knowledge; a gift from the creator. Now, the action and reaction reflect an individual's thinking pattern. It affects are experienced by human beings during the passage of life span. It leaves its telltale effects distinctly and clearly. However, few understand its implication and others ignore it. A question arises as to why these anomalies evolve when realities are exposed, and factuality appeared?

When facts and phenomenon are exposed, an individual or group ignores it in spite of sufficient evidence, then arrogant sets in. Thus, all the ill effects appear as glorious and beneficial. Hence, they get carried away into a chaos and commotion accepting the same as advantageous realities. Therefore, the thinking pattern of an individual dictates its own terms and compels him or her to accept the illusion as realities. This is the most crucial state, and one must exercise caution and take utmost care. If he or she succeeds, thereby, experiencing bliss and contentment.

The after-effect of the line of thinking suggests and advises that evaluating the situation should be the priority. There are quite a few wise men who think twice before taking a decision and react accordingly. The cardinal point of the issue is the culmination of ideas, which are a focal point of pattern of thinking. Here, the reactionary forces could create hurdles that affect the line of thinking; hence it affects our life differently.

The truth lies in the realities of life as experienced by people that they accept it. The denial is the negativity and stubbornness of an individual intentionally relegating facts and factuality. Therefore, the thinking pattern of an individual is governed by two factors. The straight-forward path of truth leaves a beneficial impact on the life of an individual. On the other hand, an arrogant individual's line of thinking and approach is based on falsehood and deception. He, then, gets into delusion and thrives on fantasies.

The crux of the subject is the development of mind enabling an ordinary person to take charge of his line of thinking. It generally thrives on some basic issues of cognition, emotions or feelings and violation. People then get affected accordingly subject to situation and environments. They think that everything is designed to suit their desires. They react violently when encounter failures or denial. These are the peripheral perceptional tendencies. However, an individual other than an ordinary person will react differently due to his ability to evaluate and assess the scenario in realities and actualities. He sees beyond the horizon and values the visible and unforeseen effects in real terms relegating fantasies behind.
By Ehtesham Mirza

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