Weight Loss and Basic Mathematics

The single most discussed point in younger generation is obesity. Many articles were written on the subject and health watch dogs advice on do's and don'ts. What matters, in reality, is to think seriously and act in the right direction. It is very simple to understand and adopt ways and mean to control obesity yet it takes consistency and willpower to implement right measures.

The simple and basic rule of thumb is to understand what causes obesity. The type of food triggers the weight gain and negatively affecting our system. At the outset, it is very important to understand the elementary mathematics behind our weight gain.

(1) The Income i.e. (food intake) should be less.

(2) The Expenditure i.e. (burning of calories) should be more: The net result is Negative Balance.

The following two points which are to be remembered and implemented seriously, to achieve desired result;

Hence the Golden rule of thumb:

(a) The day's intake of food should be slightly less than the body requires.

(b) Regularly exercising to burn 30% of the total calories' intake in a day.

It is to be remembered that at no point of time your intake of food in terms of calories should be more than it is required considering various factors of a balance diet.

It is also to be remembered and adhered to that you should not deprive your body of vital ingredients of intake of food. All important Organs of our body need Carbohydrates. The Muscles require proteins. The Bones require Calcium etc.

The most important of all is to develop a mindset of positive attitude. The aim in life is to learn and follow what is constructive and progressive. The determination will certainly help you to reduce obesity.Once that is achieved then keep it at that level for two years by consuming measured diet and regular exercise. The weight gain will not relapse.

Capt.Ehtesham Mirza

A Hobby I Have Cultivated Over The Years

I really love to read and write even at a very early age. I love to explore the unknown. Not that I am following the footsteps of a scientist but writing and reading are already in my veins ever since I had my first grade.

I even climbed our guava trees or our mango trees just to study and read and read and read! Even if there was no electricity in our place during that time; I was still able to study 'till midnight. Our deficiency never seemed to be a problem because it became my inspiration to strive for more and reach my goal. I was already earning even at a very early age due to my hobby. I loved to compose poems as well. Anything that came to mind, I put them into writing.

What I considered as a skill earned much. I had an obsession to study a lot because I came from a very poor family. I stayed in the library during recess time to read anything because I did not have money. I was not able to mingle with my classmates and friends because of financial constraints. So I spent most of my time in the library.

My passion in writing also gave me the opportunity me to become a writer. It opens a lot of windows for me. Despite the tough competition in the job market, I did not find it difficult to find a source of living because of my skills.

I did not realize that what I thought as just a hobby and past time during my teenage years would become my bread and butter today. Who would recognize that even if I am not employed but I am still earning much? My passion is a very high paying job. My skill is earning much than my degree. So I decided to nurture it more in order to reach its maximum potential.

By saying so, I mean that I still continue my studies up to now because I believe that learning is a continuous process. I am not yet satisfied with what I have right now because I still want to quest for more knowledge. Not that I am after of fame and prestige but I want to have the self-satisfaction that only me can do.

Thus, writing is the hobby that I cultivated for years and now I am earning the return of my investment.

I want to share what was once I considered as my hobby but now my only source of income.
By Rosemarie Sumalinog Gonzales

Mother and Children Relationships

It is not an only important but also very interesting word. It reflects a profound sense of belonging to every individual. The experience one gathers during the passage of time since development of "Relationship" is a story by itself. It is the passage which begins from the cradle and ends at the grave. The bone of contention is the understanding of core concept and implementation of individual responsibility towards that Relationship, both in terms of action and deeds. The sincerity in doing so is the ultimate goal we all expect, at one stage or the other. Although the meanings of "RELATIONSHIP" stretch and cover different types and forms yet I am concentrating on "Parenthood". The relation between parents and children, more specific, between Mother and Child is of paramount importance. The reason being obvious: The growing of satellite families and youngsters becoming independent of at a very young age. There are gaining financial independence and thus becoming materialistic too. The importance and respect of Mother and Child relationship which they should and must understand in order to lay a strong foundation over which humanity structure will be building. We must understand that it is the Mother, whose untiring love and affection towards children are conspicuous by her selfless desires to see her children grow and flourish. It is also known fact, whether a child is good or bad, well or ill, smart or has special needs; the love of a mother is always reflecting in every aspect of her actions. This fact children need to know. The biggest challenge a woman may ever have is the job of a mother, but along with the challenges comes the greatest rewards life can give to a woman. It is the respect, honour, forgiveness, peace and above all everlasting love which will be embedded forever in your memory. On the other hand, when children do not give due respect and turn out to be irresponsible, arrogant and unthankful than the agony and ecstasy she suffers deep within herself is extremely painful yet she swallowed these harsh and stressful moments with a smile and doesn't reveal her pain and distrust to anybody. It is these very tragic moments that we as grown up adults should and must understand and restrain our behavior and action to translate into such tragedies. On the other hand, we must teach our tiny tots the importance of parenthood and in particular the Motherhood. Understanding concept of relationship 'of Mother' and implementing these thoughts into reality in total earnestness should be the ultimate goal in life. Capt. Ehtesham Mirza

Think Coffee is Bad For You? Think Again!

Think Coffee is Bad For You?
Think Coffee is Bad For You? Think Again!
The past is full of misconceptions about coffee, and more and more people are beginning to drop coffee drinking and libel it as a guilty habit. But the truth is, when it comes to the nutritious value of coffee, there are more benefits than risks. Coffee is known to prevent several malicious and deadly diseases, thus extending the average coffee drinker's life span. Moderate coffee drinking is often thought of as unhealthy, but it actually proves to be a helpful and healthful habit.

Over the past decade, cancer, a once rare disease, is becoming more and more common throughout the world. Research is beginning to show, however, that drinking coffee on a regular basis may be able to prevent several types of cancer. A recent study tracked the coffee drinking patterns of 129,000 men and women for two decades to note the affect of coffee drinking on heart disease. These studies showed that women who drank four to five cups of coffee daily were 34 percent less likely to contract heart disease and die from it, and men who drank more than five cups routinely were 44 percent less likely to die from this devastating disease. This pleasure drink also has shown to prevent other types of cancer, such as that of the liver, bladder, and ovaries.

Routine coffee drinking has also been found to reduce memory loss, and memory-related diseases. Recent research conducted by Finnish and Swedish scientists has shown that middle-aged men and women who drank from three to five cups of coffee daily had a reduced risk of contracting Alzheimer's disease or dementia, by as much as 60-65%. The reason for this reduced risk is still vague and being researched, but it may be because of coffee's strong antioxidants, which are known to prevent dementia. Also, coffee protects the nervous system, which leads to a decreased chance of dementia.

Not only does coffee prevent many types of cancer, Alzheimer's disease, and dementia, but it also reduces the risk of contracting several others, such as Parkinson's disease and Type Two Diabetes. It also stimulates the brain-studies show that regular coffee drinkers score better on average on IQ, spacial awareness, short term memory, and cognitive ability exams. This delicious draught also ceases minor headaches and lifts a sorrowful mood. However, just as all substances of any kind, coffee should be enjoyed in moderation, as an excessive amount of coffee drinking can lead to anxiety and depression.

There are so many negative rumors about coffee that one may surprised to know how beneficial it really is. It has shown to prevent several potentially fatal diseases, such as cancer, Alzheimer's disease, Parkinson's disease, and diabetes. It is a mood lifter and a brain stimulator, and overall a beloved drink in every aspect. They say that "an apple a day keeps the doctor away". Now it is becoming clearer that a drinking a few cups of coffee daily does the trick as well!
By Anitha Ahmed

How Thinking Pattern Affects Life

The meaning and concept of life are interesting topics of discussion. The way we look at it, at the outset, is a point to ponder. What is being transpired and conspired, since birth to the end, is the passage, we go through in multi dimensional mode. The variance and multitude of ideas reflect an enormous amount of people's mind and their thinking pattern.

The meaning of life is a philosophical entity within the concept of existence and performance. The accountability of our existence is directly proportional to our commitments and expectation. We are required to meet commitments within the ambit of dos and don'ts. There are rules, regulations and guidelines imposed on human beings once we accept our existence and its realities. There is no room for fantasies or hypothetical deductions. On the contrary, facts and factuality are the life pattern. The life span is moving in a fashion as designed by us.

The creational reality comprehensively balances between cause and effect. An individual takes its lead from wisdom and knowledge; a gift from the creator. Now, the action and reaction reflect an individual's thinking pattern. It affects are experienced by human beings during the passage of life span. It leaves its telltale effects distinctly and clearly. However, few understand its implication and others ignore it. A question arises as to why these anomalies evolve when realities are exposed, and factuality appeared?

When facts and phenomenon are exposed, an individual or group ignores it in spite of sufficient evidence, then arrogant sets in. Thus, all the ill effects appear as glorious and beneficial. Hence, they get carried away into a chaos and commotion accepting the same as advantageous realities. Therefore, the thinking pattern of an individual dictates its own terms and compels him or her to accept the illusion as realities. This is the most crucial state, and one must exercise caution and take utmost care. If he or she succeeds, thereby, experiencing bliss and contentment.

The after-effect of the line of thinking suggests and advises that evaluating the situation should be the priority. There are quite a few wise men who think twice before taking a decision and react accordingly. The cardinal point of the issue is the culmination of ideas, which are a focal point of pattern of thinking. Here, the reactionary forces could create hurdles that affect the line of thinking; hence it affects our life differently.

The truth lies in the realities of life as experienced by people that they accept it. The denial is the negativity and stubbornness of an individual intentionally relegating facts and factuality. Therefore, the thinking pattern of an individual is governed by two factors. The straight-forward path of truth leaves a beneficial impact on the life of an individual. On the other hand, an arrogant individual's line of thinking and approach is based on falsehood and deception. He, then, gets into delusion and thrives on fantasies.

The crux of the subject is the development of mind enabling an ordinary person to take charge of his line of thinking. It generally thrives on some basic issues of cognition, emotions or feelings and violation. People then get affected accordingly subject to situation and environments. They think that everything is designed to suit their desires. They react violently when encounter failures or denial. These are the peripheral perceptional tendencies. However, an individual other than an ordinary person will react differently due to his ability to evaluate and assess the scenario in realities and actualities. He sees beyond the horizon and values the visible and unforeseen effects in real terms relegating fantasies behind.
By Ehtesham Mirza

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