Contraception's are methods that are used to stop the pregnancy. It is an age-old practice, where women used to take some precautions like some herbal potions, or simply the withdrawal method or total Abstinence to the act itself. It was just to check the childbirth. Mostly these methods proved unsuccessful, but at times worked fine. Now in the changing times, markets are flooded with the choices from a small pill to female condoms. These are not full proof methods but are used worldwide.

CONDOMS - Condom is the most used contraceptive worldwide. It is used by the men on his penis, just before the intercourse. It keeps the sperm inside and thus, prevents the chances of pregnancy. Condoms are available in many brands, styles, sizes and even flavors! Made of latex, these condoms are in lubricant and non-lubricant material. Wide range of choice is there. Condoms are effective to prevent the pregnancy 84% to 98%. It is the only method that stops the STDs and HIV.

PILLS - These are hormonal pills for the women and are to be taken before the intercourse, orally and daily. They are effective but carry the risk of side effects. These can cause nausea, heavy or low bleeding during menstruations, weight problem, high or low BP. Pill is 95% to 99.9% effective. One pill is there which can be taken orally after the intercourse. These pills can reduce the chances of pelvic inflammatory disease and ovarian cancer, and iron deficiency.

Copper T - Also known as Intrauterine Device (IUD), is a T shaped thing which is to be inserted into the uterus. It is 99% effective, and it can be kept in the uterus for up to twelve years. This device should be inserted by a doctor or nurse.

Diaphragm or Cervical Cap - These are cup shaped devices used by women to bar the sperm into womb. Made of latex, these are to be fitted by the doctor or nurse. These cap or shields must be kept for 24 hours inside, after an intercourse, to prevent the pregnancy.

Female condoms - This barrier method is used by women. It is made of polyurethane material and is lubricated. This also gives the protection against sexually transmitted diseases. Female condoms are effective 79% to 95%.

Choice is wide, but the best contraceptive is what feels comfortable. One should always consult the doctor before choosing one. Contraception is hassle free and saves from life long trouble. One can indulge in the activity, without any tension.

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