All About Condoms

Condoms, a contraceptive sheath is the most used and trusted thing. It not only provides the safety from Sexually Transmitted Diseases, but also saves from the hassles of unwanted pregnancy. Its success rate is 75% to 99%, if used properly. A male uses the condom usually, but now there are female condoms on sale now. These are equally safe and are used by the females. It holds the semen in the sheath, so it does not reach the vagina and meet egg. It is the only contraceptive, which does not need any prescription or medical guidance. It is very safe and easily available. In addition, known as Prophylactics, these are the most sought after devices.

Material - Mostly condoms are made of natural rubber latex. Its non-porous texture does not transmit the STD virus to the other partner. Actually, condoms are the safest mode of prevention of these deadly diseases. Sometimes this material causes allergy to some persons. Some people dislike the taste of latex, during oral sex, for that there is lambskin material too but its porous texture is not successful in preventing sexually transmitted diseases.

Different types of condoms - Markets are flooded with the wide range of condoms. There are many types of condoms, in lubricant and non-lubricant variety. Lubricant condoms are to give the natural feel in act. Non-lubricant ones are for the oral sex, and for the people who are not comfortable in using the lubricated condoms. Different sizes, textures like studded or spiracle, provide a wide choice to the users. To add some variety there are even nightglow condoms. For extra romantic user there are the flavored ones. For the different moods and kicks, there are colored variety condoms too.

Where you can buy a condom - Condoms are easily available at any drug store. You do not need a prescription to buy it. Anyone can buy condoms easily, and without any hassle. The greatest revolution is now with the on-line condoms, where people can choose the brand according to their life style, preference and size, and buy discreetly. It is especially beneficial for those people who are hesitant or shy to buy the condoms from the shops.

The governments, doctors, NGOs, social workers for the prevention from the Sexually Transmitted diseases, unwanted pregnancy, recommend condoms. Because of its success rate, even the governments are installing machines for everyone, worldwide.

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