Canada: Haven for the Cowardly?

From today's Globe & Mail:

Tom Hayden, a U.S. activist of the 1960s, is asking Canada to provide a haven for deserters from the U.S. army.

Mr. Hayden, once a defendant in the notorious trial of the Chicago Seven and later a California state legislator, went to Parliament Hill on Thursday to ask the federal government to give special consideration to Americans who flee military service in Iraq on grounds of conscience.

He said soldiers and reservists of today are in the same boat as Vietnam-era draftees and deserters who came to Canada to avoid service in southeast Asia.

He said the soldiers are coerced to volunteer for the army by lavish offers of cash and educational benefits.

This guy's main claim to fame was being a draft-dodger married to Jane Fonda.

The article goes on to point out that we've already turned down Jeremy Hinzman.

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