Inculcating Ethical and Moral Values in Children

The couple, Mr. and Ms. Thompson, was very poor. They were residing in the suburb of a small town. They dwell in the below the poverty line neighborhood. They were not blessed with children. They adopted a male child Eric, who was a docile but possesses very sharp outlook. They were not very educated couple. However, their priorities were very clear. They wanted to make their son a well educated and learned man. Their meagre income was insufficient to make a smooth passage for Eric to attain higher education. They changed their lifestyle and started saving money to accomplish their aim.

Mrs. Thomson was a lady of very broad vision and discipline. The innocence and adorable look on the face of a tiny tot reveal volumes of information. The simplicity and the mitigating expression tell the entire story of a man in the making. The laying a foundation for a brighter future is the prime concern for both. Mrs. Thomson knew that the characteristic structure of the personality depends on the right environments and perfect surroundings. She started inculcating simple but perfect ethical and moral values in the young Eric's mind. She narrated stories of great personalities. The honesty, bravery, and educational values were getting embedded on Eric's mind. She encourages him to take initiatives and drive and ensured that he always ask questions. This routine helped Eric to gather initial momentum in life. When he started going to school his performance was way above other students. His status became much above the board. He stared growing under the shadow of knowledge. He completed his high school with flying colors.

He became a full-fledged doctor and later completed his specialization in surgery. He became an expert and very well known among elite doctors. His simplicity and kind heartedness distinctly reflected his upbringing. He reserved one day in a month for free surgery to poor people. His magnanimity made him popular in the community. He gradually became a national icon.

At a congratulation function, commemorating his performances and contribution to humanity, he spoke candidly and graciously. His parents were sitting in the front row. He addressed the audience and very proudly said that his achievements and his contribution are dedicated to his parents. It is the foresight of Mrs. Thomson, which put him on the right tract since his infant stage. Her encouragement driven him to ask an intelligent question that has made him a successful doctor.

He advised all parents to inculcate ethical and moral values among children. He also emphasized that treating children as friends will pay rich dividends rather than confronting them. The age old practice of having dinner together as family will teach them financial literacy and social bondage.

Captain Ehtesham Mirza

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